Charcoal Solar Control, Non-reflective Light 65%



Excellent UV Protection


Good Sun Protection

Lifetime Guarantee

Ideal for areas with minimal glazing where the space is dark

If you need excellent UV protection without significantly changing the interior or exterior appearance of your property, then this tint is the right choice.

It is ideal for areas with minimal glazing where the space is dark, and natural light is an issue — for example, protecting flooring, soft furnishings, windows or doors from the midday sun.

The low reflectivity creates a neutral appearance. This blends in well with most decors. It also allows for unaltered views while still offering good sun protection.

  • 41% Heat Rejection
  • 44% Glare Reduction
  • 99% Ultraviolet (UV) Protection
  • Daytime Privacy Rating: LOW
  • Suitable for Harsh Sun Conditions: Yes
  • Residential – backed by an exclusive manufacturer’s lifetime warranty*
  • Commercial – 12 year Manufacturers warranty*
Before After


  • 51% Visible Light Transmission
  • 47% Total Solar Transmission
  • 12% Total Solar Reflectance
  • 41% Total Solar Absorbance
  • 11% Interior Visible Light Reflectance
  • 14% Exterior Visible Light Reflectance
  • 1.06 Winter U-Value
  • 44% Glare Reduction
  • 0.68 Shading Coefficient
  • 0.59 Solar Heat Gain Coefficient
  • 41% Total Solar Energy Rejection

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Customers are raving about us

“From the first visit to the website to the finished job, The Tinting Company were prompt and professional. They really are experts with great knowledge of their product and Craig took great care when installing the tint in our home.

Peter & Kaye, Sunshine Coast

“Thanks to the team at The Tinting Company we are now enjoying our lounge room with a significant reduction in heat and glare! The window tint looks great and the whole experience was simple and pain free.

James & Emily Wells, Melbourne

“Awesome experience! There’s a fantastic range of window tint options – they even sent me free samples so I could be certain I had made the right choice. “

Jenny Baird, Brisbane


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